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A competitive escape & discovery specialist

"Caracolons ensemble" takes you here and there to discover our regions ...

"Caracolons ensemble" would like to take you away on an expedition, a get away, to an isolated or forgotten place waiting to be revealed at a small cost for an unsual holiday.

We will track down routes, nature trails, hiikng paths for you and organise a trip which you may not find anywhere else to discover or re discover various regions.
The aim : not to get stuck in places where activities and sight-seeing can be expensive.


By car, on bike, on foot...


We want both CHILDREN and ADULTS to make the most of your day, WEEK-END or HOLIDAY BREAK. Being no rules, we all have our own idea of a get away whether its in a long or short period of time.

On our website, there won’t be long historical stories nor geography information related to our trips as there are enough websites serving this precise purpose. Personal anecdotes may be integrated along with main information on the passed journey.
Our trails may sometimes seem cut in a random way as some trails will cross 2 departments without being in the same region. The same way, you may come accross the same trail in 2 departments.
Can I visit these places, on the same day, am I making the right combination ? Here is why we’re here, for you not to think and let yourself go along with the flow and spend as much time as you wish in each place you choose to visit.

More departments to come so if you’re not on the list yet, you may find yourself in it sooner than you think.
Because we want to be as precise as possible and make sure all is clear for you, we make the trail before integrating them on our website.

Do not hesitate to share your experience with us which we’ll also share on « Caracolons ensemble » for everyone to see.


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Let us know which places you’d like to discover and we’ll integrate it to our program.